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The mission of this site is to help students review and learn the fundamentals needed to solve calculations in first-year college Chemistry.  

From ChemReview Users --

In Gen Chem: 

In a recent experiment at Rowan University (NJ), the ChemReview tutorials were assigned as homework to review fundamentals and prepare for lecture.  The course taught all the topics of two semesters of General Chemistry on the lecture schedule of a one semester course.  On the ACS General Chemistry Examination for the full two semester course, students averaged at the 63rd percentile (versus the ACS median 50th percentile).  Details here.

" This is a wonderful site that provides reviews in General and Introductory Chemistry topics. "

                                                        --        Resources for Students

                                                                    Dept. of Chemistry, Harper College

" Your approach is well-organized, thorough, and student-friendly.  I prefer that my students use your site over any of the 'premium' publishers' sites.

I took my online students out for pizza lunch where we worked through a set of your lessons.  They said it helped so much that this weekend will be our 3rd tutorial meeting. "

                                                       --         Dr. Aaron Fried

                                                                   Harbor College

In Prep Chem: 

At Frostburg State University, the ChemReview lessons in book form were used as the text in Preparation for General Chemistry.  Of students initially enrolled, 70% went on to General Chemistry.  Of those, 75% passed first semester Gen Chem and 56% achieved grades of C or better. Details here.

In AP Chem: 

" has some incredibly detailed tutorials on topics in chemistry.   This year, I had a couple of students (who struggled with the pace and rigor of my AP class) use some of the chapters, and in this case, the topic was equilibrium.  Their grades went up dramatically.  This is an excellent resource, almost like having one's own personal tutor in a book."

                                        --      Dr.  Josephine Blaha

                                                AP Chem Listserve, 6/3/10

These lessons are truly a great resource.  They have helped my students assume responsibility for their own learning, and have allowed students of different levels move at their own pace.

                                                         --         Brian Smith

                                                                    American School of Bangkok

" I recommended this site to my AP students, and since then their performance has improved significantly."

                                                        --      Hamid Assadian, El Paso ISD

Last spring, the ChemReview lessons were the subject of several reviews on the AP Chemistry listserve.  Since then we have received over 20 notes and reviews from AP instructors who have used the lessons with students.  These additional  reviews are here.

From Students: 

"I look forward to taking Chem tests.  That's how much I have improved!  The lessons improve my skills quickly. "

                                                       --         Holly Wasechek

                                                                    Univ. of Wisconsin-- Milwaukee

"I relied heavily on your lessons to refresh my Chemistry education when I returned to school after 5 years.  It was thorough and the techniques were easy to remember.   I got an A, which put me in the top 5% of the class. "

                                                        --        Valerie Wingert

                                                                   Wayne State University

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