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For additional help, try the website www.ChemReview.NET.  Many students have found it very

                                                                           --         Honors General Chemistry Website

                                                                                      Syracuse University

This addresses a gap between college chemistry lecture and high school chemistry memories of
chemistry material. 

                                                                         --        Nancy Waits, Instructor, Lon Morris College has some incredibly detailed tutorials on topics in chemistry.   This year, I had a couple of students (who struggled with the pace and rigor of my AP class) use some of the chapters, and in this case, the topic was equilibrium.  Their grades went up dramatically.  This is an excellent resource, almost like having one's own personal tutor in a book.

                                    †††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††    --       Dr.  Josephine Blaha

                                  ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††               AP Chem Listserve, 6/3/10

I have linked ChemReview to my web pages for general chem students. Your tutorial materials are extremely readable and the practice problems very well done.  I have suggested that students go to ChemReview in preference to other Chemistry problem books.

                                                                          --       Dr. Melvin R. Kantz

                                                                                     El Camino College

Your reviews are quite valuable!

   --       William Wagner, Chemistry Chair

Missouri State University-West Plains. 

These lessons encourage students to take more responsibility for their learning.   I used
the first 8 modules for summer homework.  The results were excellent.

                                                                           --      Sheryl Kostich, AP Instructor

                                                                                    Nathan Hale HS, West Allis, WI

ChemReview provides a good review of general chemistry topics and also gives mini lectures to help
understand difficult topics.

                                                                     ††   --        Chemistry Dept., Allegheny College

                                                                                     Internet Resources for Students

I really appreciate this website as a resource for problems to go through with my students.

                                                                          --     †††Molly Roberts, Tutor, Brown University

These tutorials are wonderful.  Well thought out and very specific which helps learners who need
more background.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† --       ††† Garrett Forbes, AP Chemistry

         New Trier High School

 The Chem Review lessons have been very helpful.  I usually type up my own notes but Iíve been
looking for others and I like your clear way of explaining things. 

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† --        Helen Wilson, AP Chemistry

        North Garland High School

  I tried the "Naming Ionic Compounds" lesson with my students.  They really liked the exercise!

                                                                    ††††††† --        Carolyn Sweeney Judd

                                                                                       Houston Community College

I host a free group tutoring session for general chemistry students.  I recommended your site for
practice on stoichiometry and other math based concepts.  You give great step-by-step break downs
of how to look at a problem.

   †††    --        Kristin Clark, Chem Grad Student

                    Cal State University -- Long Beach

Excellent resource for chemistry.  Presentation and structure is fundamental and very reader friendly.

   --        Kevin Johnson, Tutor, Wayne State University

Reviews from Students:

My professor suggested that we use ChemReview often to assist with our studies. 

On our acid chapter, we moved quickly through full titration curves involving weak and strong
bases/acids, pH,  and buffers.  Your lessons assisted me greatly and I was able to score a 99 on
that test. 

I have maintained an A average thus far.  I would not have been able to perform so well without
your excellent teaching materials. 

                                                                          --     Buu Du, Oklahoma State University-OKC

I have failed at chemistry in the past but am currently getting an A after using these modules.

                                                                             --    Jody Van Thull, Folsom Lake College

I review on this site because it offers a different viewpoint.  Added to the way my professor instructs us,
it is enough for the material to*click*. I am able to learn and remember "why" things are happening
and not just memorize formulas.

                                                                            --    Craig Giles, Moorpark College

The lessons pinpoint the fundamental problem solving processes which aren't spelled out very well in
our textbook.  Being able to go through the problems step by step in your lessons, then return to the
text problems has worked very well.  I'm now much more confident in the subject.

                                                                            --      Finn Parnell, University of Washington

These lessons have been incredibly helpful.

                                                                               --   Lauren McShane, Brown University

 The lessons on your website have helped me tremendously in preparing to take my Optometry
Admissions Test (OAT).

                                                                             --   Thien Nguyen, University of Oklahoma

I'm a sophomore taking AP Chemistry.  I have not had a 1st year chem class, and the lessons have been 
a lifesaver!  Since I started using them, I've been creeping up from a B to a B+ and now I'm almost at
an A-!

                                                                              --    Gregory Ow,  Galileo High School

The modules are great for practice drills!

                                                                          ††† --    Annie Hoang, Yale University

Our professor gave us a copy of module 7 to help with naming compounds.  I noticed the website name
at the bottom and have printed a few modules for myself.  If it is any indication, I received an A+ on my
first two exams.

                                                                               --      Ron Clark, Austin Community College

This is my second attempt at chemistry, the first time I ended up having to drop the class in order to
avoid receiving a failing grade. This time around I am doing much, much better and my grades are
in the A - B range. Your site has been extremely helpful and I have in fact suggested it and given the web
address to some of my other classmates who have been struggling.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† --     Keri Kaiser, Los Angeles Valley College has helped me tremendously this semester and I recommend it to everyone that I know
who is taking chemistry.

                                                                                --      Patricia Neal, South Suburban College (IL).

 The modules have been invaluable for ensuring a mastery of the subject material.

                                                                                --     Bernard Varian, University of Florida

This site is just awesome. Any time I fall behind in Chemistry or feel lost, I pull up this site and do the
lessons and I'm right back on it.

                                                                                --      Joshua Rivera, San Jose State University

Chemreview often helps to close in some of the gaps that I experience when studying my chemistry text. 
The tutorials and questions work hand and hand to enhance  my studies. 

                                                                                 ††--      Stephanie Hopson

                                                                                        University of North Florida

These modules are working great.  I have an A in the course!

                                                                            †††††  --       Taquita Allen, Savannah State University

Iíve bought a few books like Spark Notes and Cliffs Notes, but found these to be way more helpful than

                                                                            ††  --       Kim Alford, Indiana University, South Bend

This is the best Chemistry help I have received.

                                                                            ††††††  --       Robin Roberts, University of Mississippi

An AWESOME site is ChemReview.Net.   Holy moley, I love that site!  It's good for both Chem I
and Chem II, from the basics on up.

                                                                       †††† --        Posted by AtomicWoman

                                                                       ††† --

It has been a HUGE help to use as an additional resource. 

                                                                             --    Nikky Bristow, American River College

These lessons saved my life!

                                                                              --    Melissa Davis, University of Arkansas

I raised my test score 13 points by reviewing the lessons. 

                                                                             --    Shannon Kneedy, OSU-OKC

Your program is very helpful filling in the blanks in my accelerated program. 

                                                                             --    Diana Ruff, University of New Hampshire

I have two prior degrees, including one in engineering.  I spent a week on Hess's Law attempting to
understand, and after using your site I had it mastered in about 10 minutes.

                                                                      --        Bryan Kelsch, Tarrant County College

Great lessons!

                                                                             --    Martine Ridore, University of Maryland

This site is very helpful and was recommended by my instructor and several classmates.

                                                                             --    Christine Hardee, Tarrant County College

I have found this tutorial to be very helpful.  So far, I have an A ... and the best grade in the class. Thank you!

                                                                     --        Amanda Wolanske

                                                                     --        Florida Community College -- Jacksonville

I began Chem I in Fall 2007 and was immediately overwhelmed.  I found your website and worked
my way through a tutorial only to find that WOW, I actually understood what was going on!  I
understand so much better.  This was by far the best material I found, better than  both books that
I purchased and mostly found to be a waste of my money.  Yours is excellent!  5 stars!

Thank you for presenting this information in such a straightforward manner.

                                                                  --    ††   Carrie Lingle

                                                                  --     †† Indiana University of Pennsylvania

I don't always grasp 100% of the concepts during lecture, but everything is clear once I go through the
tutorial.  These lessons are fabulous!

                                                                       --        Julie Park, Santa Monica College

I had trouble on certain sections and my professor recommended this site.  It has been very helpful.

                                                                       --       Lorenzo Begay, UCLA

I was worried that I would fail chemistry because my first quiz scores were very low.  Now I'm already
subjects I thought were beyond me and I'm looking forward to the rest of the semester.
These lessons have helped me tremendously.

                                                                        --      Jessica Breiter, Moorpark College

These lessons were highly recommended by my chemistry instructor.

                                                                  --        Schawanda Pierre

                                                                  --        University of Southern Mississippi

These lessons have helped me through chem 1 and 2.  Now I love chemistry --  because it is easy to

                                                                      --       Julie Furr

                                                                               University of North Carolina at Charlotte

My instructor mentioned how helpful the website would be for us.  It is a great help to review for tests
and better understand the material.

                                                                       --        Patricia Martinez, Baylor University

These lessons were recommended on my instructorís class web-page.

                                                                       --        Riley Olive, Texas A&M

The lessons have been very helpful. I aced my last quiz.

--       Patricia Mkanyia, Rutgers University

This website saved my grade.

                                                                      --       Danielle Terrio, University of Arkansas

This information is awesome.  My tests have  certainly gotten easier after using your study guides. 

                                                                      --       Steve Lawson, Ventura College

My course syllabus suggested this website as a resource for the class.  The explanations combined with
summarized steps, strategies for learning, and practice are incredibly helpful! 

                                                                      --       Shannon Sherwood,  Austin Community College

Honestly, the tutorials have been very helpful in conveying the core of the material that needs to be
learned without encumbering the student with anything extra.

                                                                       --     Sergio Gonzalez, UCLA

This review page is very helpful.  I find it easier to understand the material by the step by step
methods offered. 

--        Claire Jones

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† University of Arkansas (Fayetteville)

My biochem professor recommended this site.

                                                                      --       Jared Jarding, Columbia College

I found out about website thru the college chem department web page.  I really liked the way the
problems are explained.

                                                                      --       Stacy Reaves, Moorpark College

This site is completely and totally fabulous. It's my primary source of help.

--          Christine Thomas, Seton Hall University

This website is used extensively by my professor and was recommended to me for study.

                                                                      --        Joshua Rogers, Univ. of Southern Mississippi

 I found your site the most helpful out of all the sites my instructor passed on to us.  Your lessons made
the concepts very easy to understand.  I passed Chemistry with an A, with help from this site.

                                                                   --            Kelly Miller, Houston Community College

 I got an A in General Chemistry.  I'm pretty thrilled about that.                         

 --          Elizabeth Hernandez

              George Mason University

This website is awesome!  It makes everything easier to understand.  Great for us non-chem majors!

   --         Melissa Sluss

         IU-Purdue/Fort Wayne

The  Chemreview  lessons helped me bring my grade up from a "D" to a "B" in just a couple of tests.   I
greatly appreciate all the help.

    --         Tralice Taylor

                Community College of Philadelphia

The lessons have been awesome. They are very well laid out and the concepts are explained very
 clearly. I wish more disciplines were covered in this manner.

--                David Murley

Austin Community College

I have learned chemistry by using your notes and your examples in a shorter and easier amount of
time than I ever thought possible. 

--         Ruben Ochoa

            Midland College

My chemistry professor had your website link included on his web page.  I have encouraged him to
recommend your site to students specifically, as it has been such a great help.  I had been drowning.  
Your explanations with practice sheets really opened the whole subject up for me!

--         Rebecca Garrett-Rankin

            Ohio State University

Your site was recommended by my  Chem professor.  What I like is that the explanations are in terms
so that someone completely new to chemistry can understand.

--         Rupesh Saran

            San Jose State University

I was desperate for help with chemistry.  These lessons are a gift from heaven!

--          Kerry Morgan

            Tri-County (NC) Comm. College

Great chemistry review.  Excellent content and layout that has really helped me to remember what I
had truly forgotten.

                                                                    --        Alicia White

                                                                              University of Memphis

It is such a great help to have a quick reminder after studying these topics, to make sure you know
everything thoroughly.

 --         Mark Schmidt

            University of Southern Maine

This material is invaluable for my exam preparation and general understanding of the material.

                                                                --         Jeff Gilley

            Tidewater  Comm. College

I'm a parent preparing my sons for chemistry, and it's been years....   This tutorial is awesome.

 --         Charles Goodman, Jr.

             Chula Vista, CA

These lessons have been extraordinarily helpful.  Chemistry is my most difficult subject, but your
modules have made everything so much easier!

 --         Duncan Peters

             University of British Columbia

Students in my class highly recommended this website.

 --         Marisa Weisel

             University of Michigan

Everything I need for general chemistry is here.

--         Vanessa Aguilera

            San Jose State University

I will be much better at my job in the future because of this tutoring.  Thanks so much!

--         Laura Chapman

            University of Texas -- Arlington

Your website has been extremely helpful.   I have told my classmates about it and they also have
found it helpful.   Thank you for your ability to explain these concepts for my understanding.

--         Kinyata Hendricks           

            San Joaquin Valley College

This has helped me so much.   I have never taken a Chemistry class before, so it feels like a foreign
language.   ChemReview has helped me understand the topics in an easy and logical way.

--        Joy Hooks

           Southern Union College

I actually enjoy these lessons.  

--         Ashley Thomas

           Auburn University

The ChemReview lessons were a life saver!  The step by step explanations, examples & reviews really
helped me understand the concepts.

--         Catherine Coronado

            Houston Community College

ChemReview was extremely important to my success in Chemistry this semester.

--         Michelle Bickle

            University of Texas -- Arlington

The lessons have been a very helpful supplement to the problems and text that I've learned in class.  
ChemReview has made the math portion of the class much easier as it clearly lays out the steps to the problems.

--       Christina Ratusznik

University of New England

Awesome website, great help!

--         Ugochukwu Mordi

            Cy-Fair College

The lessons on were relevant, straight forward, and easy to follow.  I would have to
say they increased my test scores by a full letter grade.

--         Anthony Cirinelli

            San Jose State University

This site is proving invaluable to me as I pursue my first course in Chemistry.  Thank you!

--         Lamin Sesay

            Community College of Philadelphia

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