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Calculations in Chemistry -- An Introduction (Second Edition)

This book includes 24 chapters in a single-volume.  The print edition is:

         ( ISBN 978-0-393-61436-7 )  540 pages, with free shipping to bookstores. 

An ebook edition is available as well.  For information on the paperback text or ebook,  click  HERE

Calculations in Chemistry

The 39 modules of Calculations In Chemistry , designed for use in General Chemistry, are available to bookstores and secondary schools as three printed volumes from W. W. Norton:

         Modules 1-16 ( ISBN 978-0-393-12552-8 )  416 pages, $22.50 Net to bookstore or school 

         Modules 17-27 ( ISBN 978-0-393-12553-5 )  416 pages, $22.50 Net

         Modules 28-39 ( ISBN 978-0-393-12554-2 )  432 pages, $22.50 Net

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