For Individual Purchases of the General Chem/AP book:  Calculations In Chemistry

The paperback lessons are contained in three printed books.  The books can be ordered by calling 800 233 4830 (Press Option 1 or ask for the order department).  A credit card will be needed to purchase individual copies.  Each volume will cost approximately $28.

A flash-based ebook: one year of online access to all 3 volumes (all 39 chapters) is available for individual purchase for $30.  For information, click HERE

The three volumes are:

         Volume 3, Modules 28-39,  includes Equilibrium, Strong Acids and Bases, pH,  Weak
Acids and Bases, Salts, Buffers, Ksp, Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, and Nuclear
Chemistry. 416 pages  ISBN

If you have problems securing the books or if you have comments on the content of these books,
please email:  Feedback@ChemReview.NET .