Printed BOOK Versions Available

The ChemReview lessons are available as paperback textbooks and as ebooks.

The books are available in two versions:

     Calculations in Chemistry -- An Introduction is a single volume paperback designed for a college
Preparatory Chemistry, first semester of General Chemistry, General/Organic/BioChemistry (GOB),
or for high school Honors or Pre-AP chemistry.  

     Calculations in Chemistry is recommended for students in college two-semester General Chemistry
(or a course by a different name that is first-year chemistry for science majors) or AP or IB high school
chemistry. The 39 chapter/modules are available in 3 paperback volumes or as a single ebook

     For an AP summer packet workbook, either the printed Volume 1 of Calculations in Chemistry or the
ebook containing all 39 chapters is recommended. Additional suggestions for AP instructors are here.

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To obtain a review copy for instructors of any of these books or ebooks, see the Bookstore link below.

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